SQL Developer Extension

oddgen is an Oracle SQL Developer extension to invoke dictionary-driven code generators.


Dictionary-driven means that the predominant part of a model is stored in an Oracle data dictionary or in other related relational tables.


Generators written in a JVM language or in PL/SQL are discovered after connecting to a database and presented in a navigator tree.


PL/SQL packages with a function named GENERATE returning a CLOB are registered as database server generators.

Java classes implementing the oddgen interface found in a jar file within the SQL Developer extension directory are registered as client generators.

Easy to use

The oddgen generator interface is designed to hide the complexity from the user and to support generation of any target code in just a few mouse clicks.

Convention over configuration

A simple generator implements just a GENERATE function with a OBJECT_TYPE and OBJECT_NAME as input parameters. If you need more than you may implement some of the various optional functions to meet your needs.